Scenic City Veterinary Service presents...


You're going to eat what?



Saturday April 24th 

@ The Lucky Starr Event Venue 

6086 Upper East Valley Rd. Pikeville TN 37367





Scenic City Veterinary Service is a mobile veterinary practice that specializes in large animal eg: live stock medicine. We also offer small animal medicine for those who cannot travel with their pets to our brick and mortar location. Dr. Briana Patten and Dr. Sarah Wallace provide many different services and procedures for the surrounding counties on both regular and emergency appointments. 

Unfortunately, our mobile service is lacking in certain tools that would immensely help increase our diagnostic accuracy and help increase profitability for our clients and our community. Palpation for pregnancy diagnosis is very time consuming and less accurate when compared to ultrasonography. This tool will allow for tendon scanning in horses with lameness, abdominal evaluation of internal organ structures, pregnancy diagnostics, biopsy collection, and can be used for many other techniques.


In summary, the use of this machine will greatly benefit our community by decreasing the costs associated with diagnostics as well as improving treatment protocols. All of the money raised from this festival will be used to purchase this ultrasound machine and any excess funds will be put towards a portable radiograph unit as well! 

We can't thank you all enough for your support in this endeavor and we truly look forward to seeing you all soon at our first annual Testicle Festival!

Games and fun 
Cow Pie 50/50: 

An enclosed area is marked off into a grid of squares. These squares are equal in size and shape. Each square is given a number.

Participants may buy a square for $20. The numbered ticket that corresponds with the numbered square containing the "cow pie" will be declared the winner!


In the event that the "cow pie" lands on multiple squares, the square containing the largest portion of "poo" will be declared the winner!


We will have a judge (who will NOT be allowed to participate in the raffle)   to determine the results.               

Cornhole tournament

Singe elimination cornhole tournament with cash prizes for both first and second place teams!

 Single and double teams are welcome to sign up!


Standard games to 21 points. Sign up your team using the tab above! 


Game rules can be found at:

Come have a ball at the Lucky Starr Event Venue!

Get yourself a bucket o' balls for just $5, sample the county's best dipping sauces, and wash it all down with a cold local beer! 

 Just know we've selected the finest testicles for your sampling pleasure, they're considered a delicacy across the globe! We will only be serving up cattle, pig, and goat meats. 

Local Balls and Brews 

Image by Adam Wilson

COVID considerations:

We ask that everyone please follow standard regulations. If you have questions please refer to the link below:

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