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Donate to the Scenic City ultrasound/diagnostics fund 

Help us, Help you!!!​

Getting the correct diagnosis in the most efficient and timely manner determines the overall outcome and any additional treatment for every veterinary case. 

Having the appropriate tools to help with working up a case can make finding the correct underlying cause much easier! For example: Every time Dr. Wallace or Dr. Patten puts on the OB glove to pregnancy check a cow, they are quite literally-grasping around in the dark trying to make heads and tails of a microscopic to mouse sized fetus within a thick uterine horn. This is not only difficult but also very time consuming, and unfortunately, not as accurate as an ultrasound machine which is designed to allow visualization within the body. 

By increasing the accuracy and decreasing the time used per animal, our doctors will be able to improve clients profitability while decreasing the bill associated with frequent and lengthy herd checks. Our doctors will also be able to scan tendons and abdomens in our equine patients making lesion/lameness localization more precise, thereby decreasing your time out of saddle. 

In summary, Ultrasound and X-ray machines will greatly improve our quality of medicine and therefore will benefit our community as a whole.





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