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Donate to the Scenic City ultrasound/diagnostics fund 

Help us, Help you!!!​

Getting the correct diagnosis in the most efficient and timely manner determines the overall outcome and any additional treatment for every veterinary case. 

Having the appropriate tools to help with working up a case can make finding the correct underlying cause much easier! For example: Every time Dr. Wallace gets called out to examine a "lame" animal, she is limited by not having x-ray vision. With a mobile radiograph unit- this problem is solved! Taking images of the limbs will allow for appropriate diagnosis of various fracture types, and therefore help with setting and splinting/casting bones.

By increasing the accuracy and decreasing the time used per animal, our doctors will be able to improve clients profitability while decreasing the bill associated with subsequent veterinary appointments, or recommendation/referral to another doctor that might have access to radiographs. Unfortunately- most of the animals that require imaging are not small enough to fit on our x-ray table at South Rhea Animal Hospital; like the little guy pictured below!

In summary, this essential X-ray machine, will greatly improve our quality of medicine and therefore will benefit our community as a whole.


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