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Ready to have some fun?!

Live local band will be playing for the duration of the event this year. Bring a lawn chair or blanket to hangout and enjoy some funky tunes! 

Many events, games, and competitions will be ongoing throughout the evening, sign up early for games and events listed below! 

Cow Pie Bingo 

*** Squares are only available to purchase day of the event- just look for a member of our team staff to buy your box!

How to play:

Buy a square of grass in a pre-marked corral with a live cow! Every time she poo's in a square the winner will receive 1/2 ($125) the funds from that bingo round (5x5 grid @ $10/spot= $250). Game will start once all grid boxes are purchased. A new round will start after completion of the previous game.

***Final square of grass defecated in will be determined by judge if borderline in between boxes 

Cornhole Competition

How "corney" is it to call this game the TESTY TOSS?

Think you, or you and a partner, have what it takes to come out on top after a single elimination cornhole competition? Sign up here (through our "contact us" form) to register your team.

Single: $12

Team (two player team): $20

*** Winning team will receive FREE TSHIRTS and a cash prize! ***

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